Proctor Silex 40410 Air Pot, 2.5L, 0.85 oz, Stainless Steel

Proctor Silex 40410 Air Pot, 2.5L, 0.85 oz, Stainless Steel
Proctor Silex 40410 Air Pot, 2.5L, 0.85 oz, Stainless Steel

  • STAINLESS STEEL KEEPS BEVERAGES HOT OR COLD: Stainless steel vacuum-insulated interior maintains the beverage’s temperature, is highly durable and won’t affect the taste of your drink.
  • 3 LITER CAPACITY: Holds 3 liters of hot or cold beverages, equivalent to 20 standard-sized (5 ounce) cups of coffee.
  • SPILL-PROOF TRAVEL: Dispenser is lockable for convenience when traveling.
  • BREW-THROUGH LID: Compatible with many different airpot brewing systems so you can brew coffee directly into the pot.
  • EASY TO CLEAN & FILL: Large opening makes it easy to fill with liquid or to wipe down.

Keep hot beverages hot and cold drinks cold with the Proctor Silex air pot, perfect for outdoor sporting events, family gatherings and other occasions that draw a crowd. Simply fill the air pot with your beverage of choice, place your cup under the spout and press the dispensing button on the top. The vacuum-insulated interior will keep beverages, like Coffee, hot chocolate and Iced tea, hot or cold for hours, so you can enjoy them at the perfect temperature. And since the interior is made of an unbreakable and non-porous Stainless Steel, the taste of your drink won’t be impacted. Capacity for a crowd the 2.5 liter Stainless Steel pot can hold up to 16 (5-ounce) Cups of Coffee. Simply press down on the dispensing button located on top of the air pot. Spill-proof travel the air pot’s lid has a lockable dispenser, so you can fill it up and take it on the Road without worrying about spills. Easy to clean and fill the large lid makes it easy to clean and fill. The brew-through lid is compatible with many different brewing systems, so you can brew directly into the pot. Tested. Proven. Reliable products at reasonable prices. Tested. Proven. – it’s not just a tagline, it’s what has LED our Product development for decades. Every Proctor Silex appliance begins its journey in our engineering Lab. Motors rotate, switches turn and mechanical arms spin for days on end, testing each function and feature. Then it’s off to the test kitchen, where the staff uses the Product much like you would – cooking and creating to ensure it will make your life a little easier. Only when an appliance passes our rigorous testing do we know it’s ready for its final test – your home.

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