Melitta Single Cup Coffee for K-Cup Brewers, Cafe de Europa Classique, Medium Roast, 12 Count

Melitta Single Cup Coffee for K-Cup Brewers, Cafe de Europa Classique, Medium Roast, 12 Count
Melitta Single Cup Coffee for K-Cup Brewers, Cafe de Europa Classique, Medium Roast, 12 Count

  • Gourmet single cup coffee for keurig inc style brewers 100% recyclable
  • Filter brewed for more flavor and aroma see and smell the coffee
  • Individually sealed in freshness packs
  • Blended with 100% high grown Arabica coffee beans from the world’s best coffee producing regions
  • Enchanting flavor that is delightfully smooth and balanced
See, Smell and Taste the Difference

Aroma of premium coffee
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See, Smell, and Taste the Difference

Melitta’s new Café de Europa single serve gourmet coffee offers the ultimate coffee flavor in your Keurig machine. The secret is in its innovative new design. Our single-serve cups are filled with 100% premium high-grown arabica coffee, roasted and blended in true European fashion. They are then packed in a thermal-sealed freshness pack to ensure the ultimate freshness. When you open the freshness pack, you are instantly greeted by the aroma of our premium coffee. Because Melitta’s single-serve cups are made with real Melitta filters, you can actually see and smell the coffee before you brew it (no more hidden surprises of what is in the plastic cup). Our cup is designed so that the water fully saturates the coffee, maximizing the flavor extraction. The result is a coffee flavor that is bold and more flavorful…a real coffee experience! Our cups are also designed to be recyclable so they are more friendly to the environment.

Single-Serve Capsule

100% recyclable single-serve capsule

Individually Sealed for Ultimate Freshness

Each Melitta cup is individually packed in a nitrogen-flushed freshness pack. Just peel back the outer freshness seal, remove the inner filter cup, and place it in your single-serve machine for the freshest coffee. Each Melitta single-serve cup is 100% recyclable and friendly to the environment.

Freshness Seal

Brewing Instructions:

1. Peel back outer freshness seal.

Premium high-grown arabica Coffee Beans

Arabica coffee beans

Made With 100% Premium Arabica Coffee

Melitta uses only 100% premium high-grown arabica coffee beans in its gourmet single-serve coffees. Each is blended with the finest beans from the world’s best coffee producing regions, including South America, Central America, and Africa.

Inner filter cup

2. Remove inner filter cup.

Maximizing Flavor Extraction

Flavor extraction diagram

Innovative Design Maximizes Flavor Extraction

With most single serve cups, the water flows through the top and out the bottom. With Melitta’s unique design, the water circulates throughout the coffee before flowing out of each of the four sides of the filter. This flow causes an agitation of the coffee grinds, creating perfect coffee extraction and allowing the water to fully saturate the coffee, which maximizes flavor extraction.

Insert into brewer and enjoy!

3. Insert into brewer and enjoy!

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