Coffee Gator Pour Over Brewer – Unlock Flavor with Paperless Filter and Carafe – 10.5floz Reviews

Coffee Gator Pour Over Brewer – Unlock Flavor with Paperless Filter and Carafe – 10.5floz
Coffee Gator Pour Over Brewer – Unlock Flavor with Paperless Filter and Carafe – 10.5floz

  • More smiles per cup. Baristas agree, pour over brewing unlocks coffee’s full potential. This kit is the easiest way to get there. Prepare your taste buds for a flavor fiesta that will leave you grinning like a possum eating a sweet potato
  • Get more from your beans. They’ve travelled long and far and have the capacity to make you extremely happy. This 100% BPA-free carafe with mesh filter means maximum flavor and minimal effort. Prepare to usher fragrant, sweet, coffee into your home
  • Save time, hassle and the planet. Single-use filters are history. They cost money, make waste and damage the environment. Use laser-cut stainless steel to ensure flavor ends up in the carafe, then on your lips – not in the trash
  • Drink better coffee. Unlike the competition, we never compromise on quality, service or your happiness.
  • We’re only happy when you are. We had 9,804 positive reviews last year and everything we sell is covered by our 100% satisfaction promise. Choose this coffee maker and you could be enjoying the coffee experience of a lifetime as soon as tomorrow

Enjoy better coffee

The Coffee Gator pour over coffee maker helps your beans deliver maximum flavour.

Why Pour Over Coffee?

Short answer: because it’s awesome.

Long answer:

• Makes amazing coffee with minimum fuss.
• Using a slow, steady stream of water at the right temperature makes the best use of the natural aromas, oils and flavours of your brew.
• Brighter and cleaner taste than French press method, and less dangerous than a stove-top percolator and just in a different league of taste to machine drip.
• Easy to clean.
• Makes you look cool – Impress your friends. If you don’t have any this product will gain you some new ones 🙂


Coffee Gator Pour Over Coffee Maker – All in One Paperless Travel Brewer (Gray)
Coffee Gator Pour Over Coffee Maker - All in One Paperless Travel Brewer (Gray)

  • This personal pour over brewer lets you make, then take, hot, fresh coffee wherever you go. Just pop on the stainless steel mesh filter add ground coffee then pour over water to make hand drip coffee directly into your travel cup.
  • Coffee hotter for longer. Other brewers restrict you to the house or cool quickly. Vacuum layered, military-grade 304 stainless steel coating a smart copper lining traps heat for longer. Fits virtually all car cup holders for hot coffee on arrival.
  • Wave goodbye to paper filters. Our metal filter delivers a cleaner taste and saves trees, so it’s friendly to the environment and your pocket. Ideal for travel, zero BPA and a dream to clean. This equals more smiles per cup.
  • Time for your coffee made your way. The manual hand drip method unlocks the full spectrum of flavours and aromas. This one cup personal coffee maker gives you the gift of time to enjoy whenever. Order, sanity (and poise) very much restored.
  • Certain Satisfaction. By now, most discerning, good looking, coffee drinkers will have already made the sensible choice. Need more convincing? We had 9,804 positive reviews last year – that’s 97%. Plus our 100% satisfaction promise applies to everything we sell (no annoying, nosey questions asked)

Revolutionize your coffee game with a Coffee Gator travel cup with built-in pour over brewer.

We’re all busy. But does being busy mean you shouldn’t enjoy incredible coffee? At Coffee Gator, we treat awesome coffee as a basic human right. That’s why we designed this pour over brewer and travel cup combination.

It solves problems on an industrial scale. Think you don’t have time to make pour over before work? Think again. Now you can make the best coffee imaginable and take it with you. Think it’ll be cold before you get to work? Unless you live in Alaska and have a team of Siberian huskies towing you to the office on a sled, then think again. The secret to keeping your brew warm is a layer of copper lined with oodles of stainless steel for flawless flavour.

What we have here is very much a case of awesome hot coffee without the stress.

Capacity: 500ml / 16.9oz
Height: 175mm / 6.9″
Diameter: 85mm / 3.3″
Weight: 290g / 10.2oz

Amazon buyers trust Coffee Gator to supply premium quality coffee accessories. Check out our customer reviews – we’re pretty darn proud of them.

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